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Description/Job Summary

Feed Mill Delivery Driver

To deliver feed to contract producers in a safe, accurate, and timely fashion


1. Report to work on time and work a full shift. Fill out / turn in all required logs at the end of shift. Comply with all Fleet Safety policies and DOT regulations. 
2. Deliver the proper amount of feed in the right bins on the correct farm as directed on the feed delivery ticket. Leave delivery ticket on farm. Report any feed spills to dispatch. Understand and follow all APF / NAE Process Verified procedures.
3. Keep interior of truck and windows clean.
4. Report any malfunctions on the truck; bring to shop for repairs as needed.
5. Avoid damages to bins, bin lids, lanes, or any other property on farms or elsewhere. Report these and any accident immediately.
6. Report any hydraulic oil or diesel fuel spills immediately. Use spill kit in truck to contain or clean up as best possible

Preferred Education

High school diploma or equivalent preferred

Required Qualifications

A minimum of 2 years driving experience REQUIRED. Must have a valid CDL Class “A” with clean driving record. Reading, writing, math and analytical skills are a necessary part of the job.


Exposed to seasonal weather temperatures, and climate, significant amounts of airborne dust. Must wear required personal protective equipment (work gloves, slip resistant ankle high work boots, and appropriate dress for weather conditions). May be required to wear disposable coveralls and disposable footwear covering for bio-security purposes.

Must be able to manipulate hand and foot controls on truck, open farm bins by pulling rope or pulling and pushing lever, open truck bins by turning crank handle or ratchet. Must be able to walk short distances, climb into and out of truck frequently and safely using 3-point contact method, and must be able to manipulate a touch screen with fingers. Job requires enough physical strength to open the hood on the truck to check oil, open truck pockets and bin lids.
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Perdue Farms, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.