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Description/Job Summary

Position Title:    QA Lead – Product Evaluation
Position Reports To:  QA Manager Department:  QA Perry Cook
Product Evaluation Lead is responsible for implementing and maintaining the Product Evaluation SOP, coordinating taste test panelists, maintaining the test kitchen and control product freezers.  The Lead position has oversight of the QA Test Kitchen associates on nightshift and weekends.  In addition to these main responsibilities, this associate will fill in as lead for Quality on the floor as needed.
Describe below the major responsibilities of this position which must be fulfilled with or without reasonable accommodations in order to achieve the essential purpose of this position.
1.  The candidate must be able to pass the sensory department protocol to be a product taste tester.  Prerequisites include the ability to consume poultry, be able to taste the basic sensory attributes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty), ability to perceive color.
2.  Manage the test kitchen environment– equipment upkeep/cleanliness; schedule kitchen repairs as needed; maintain a 5-s environment for records, kitchen storage, freezer control samples, etc.
3.  Properly cook products according to package instructions.
4.  Properly grade products for quality attributes per the specification.  Take corrective actions when non-conforming product is presented.
5.  Oversee qualifications lists for certified taste test panelists, keeping panelist ID numbers confidential.  Request training when new panelists need to be certified.
6.  Enter all product evaluation data into the data spreadsheets, enter quality data into Cat2, prepare reports, present findings to senior management as required.
MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS (include any specialized or technical knowledge, certifications, credentials or licensing required for this position)
REQUIRED:   Computer data entry skills for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel); minimum of 2 years in poultry Quality Assurance; outstanding job attendance record (internal candidate);
PREFERRED:   AA Degree, Microsoft Office coursework completed
Describe the decision-making authority of this position, the nature and extent of supervision available and the point at which higher approval is required.
Determination of whether products are compliant to specification for quality attributes, and whether product meets or exceeds product controls for taste/appearance.  Oversee, train, instruct off-shift Test Kitchen QA associates on position requirements and expectations.  Promptly notify QA Manager, Operations Management when non-compliant product has been presented.
  1. Position is mobile requiring moving from the upstairs office area to warehouses or the production floor.  Ability to tolerate cold/wet and warm environments, navigate stairs.
  2. May need to move light equipment, product typically less than 50 lbs., or supplies from one place to another.
  3. May need to access files, supplies and equipment.
  4. Work activity is in a kitchen operating cooking equipment.
The preceding job description is general in nature.  It is not intended to be a comprehensive inventory of all duties and responsibilities of, and qualifications for, the job.  Management, in its sole discretion, may amend any part of this job description at any time.


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