Day Shift Auto Debone Machine Operator

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Description/Job Summary

Day Shift Auto Debone Machine Operator

Internal Candidates Only


  1. Maintain machine in operational order to include carriers, track, belting and washers 
  2. Keep machine free of jams 
  3. Make changes based on production needs; such as tender in/tender out 
  4. Maintain basic equipment conditions such as cleaning, lubricating, inspecting, and maintain proper alignment.  
  5. Minor repairs as needed 

Required Skills

Must be able to read and write in English.Good knowledge of mechanical equipment and inventory parts. Basic computer and keyboard skills.

Required Qualifications

Qualifying Candidates must be in their current position for a minimum of  12 months, no more than 2 occurrences, no active write ups.


Must be able to working temperature ranging form 50-90 Fahrenheit. Occasional exposure to seasonal weather condition: bending twisting, climbing. Ability to travel through supply room area: must wear proper personal proper personal protective equipment. Must be able to climb 4’ platform ladder a minimum 10 times a day.

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