Live Management Trainee

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Description/Job Summary

The purpose of a Live Management Trainee is to actively observe, learn, and do all concepts of the sow farm operations.  They will develop the ability to teach, train, and manage respective divisions within the farm.  The Trainee will ensure that ALL animals across the farm have received proper feed, water, ventilation, and bedding on a daily basis and that 100% of Niman Ranch protocol and guidelines have been met and followed.  They will also assist in all other aspects of the farm to ensure that farm goals and targets are met and tasks are completed on a daily basis.  


1. Breeding: Assist the Breeding Manager to: 
  • Ensure that weekly breeding targets and farrowing targets are met
  • Synchronizing gilts/sows, semen quality/quantity, vaccinations, records, ultrasounds, equipment
2. Farrowing: Assist The Farrowing Manager to: 
  • Meet weekly shipping targets to full value pigs are met
  • Day-one pig care, processing, vaccinations, cleaning/disinfecting, records, ventilation, supplies
3.  Animal Movement and Placement
  • Assist in animal movement and placement to ensure proper animal handling goals are met and sows/gilts are penned appropriately 
  • Assist to manage incoming gilts, non-productive days, culling procedures and load outs, farrowing and breeding communications, cleaning/bedding of pens, inventory management
4.  Assist in managing period close, supply orders, production records, cost control, and inventory and as directed
5.  Any other duties as assigned, requested, or directed by management/supervisor

Required Experience

One (1) year experience in straw-bedded pork production system/farrowing unit, OR Two (2) year's experience in traditional pork production/farrowing unit.

Required Education

B.S. Degree in Animal Science or related field

Required Qualifications

  • Ability to lead by example and manage a team of 2-6 people
  • Ability to problem solve, be a critical thinker, goal oriented, and a team player


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